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Тук ще намерите информация за проект "Осигуряване качеството на питейната вода в България – Оценка на отклоненията от изискванията за качество на питейната вода и подходи за предотвратяване на възможните здравни рискове (в контекста на чл. 9 на ЕД 98/83/ЕС)"

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Regions of Bulgaria


What is AQuWa?

AQuWa is the German/Bulgarian partner-project in quality assurance of the drinking water in Bulgaria according to art. 9 of the European drinking water directive. It had started in May 2004 between the partners NCHMEN and UBM and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Environment in Germany (BMU).

The aim of AQuWa

The aim of AQuWa is to improve the quality of the drinking water in Bulgaria by assessment of the chemical parameters and environmental chemicals to human health risks. From the assessments the renovation need of the water supply gets derived in a 2nd step.

Here you find...

On this website you will find information and links about the AQuWa project and the drinking water quality in the Bulgarian regions. After announcement you can also download the AQuWa reports and Regional Action Plans for improved drinking water supply.