The project will be structured in the following Working Packages (WP). For time schedule details - please have a look in the calendar.


Concept of Implementation / Description of the Working Packages

The project is going to be structured in working packages (WP), milestone planning (MS) and deliverables (DE) over the current time of 22 months.

The working packages (focal points of work) of the project

  • Coordination and exchange of information,
  • Detailed analysis of the needs and summary of the previous activities in Bulgaria (actual state of analysis),
  • Description of the parameters / environmental chemicals with limit value transgressions, or as the case may be, suspect-parameters with potential adverse health effects,
  • Definition and description of the assessment system,
  • Revision of the (suspicion-) parameters / environmental chemicals on the drinking water relevance (prediction of hazard),
  • Health assessment of the limit value transgressions (hazard statement) and statement of the parameter related time periods of renovation,
  • Statement of the facility related short-, middle- and long time renovation need (hazard defence),
  • Publication and distribution of the results,

Will be described in detail in following parts.

The essential deliverables (DE), or as the case may be, products of the project are:

  • A report describing the supervision stand of the chemical drinking water parameters in Bulgaria,
  • A guidance documentation on the health assessment of drinking water contaminants in Bulgaria,
  • A report of the drinking water quality in Bulgaria according to the parameters of the DC 98/83/EC and to the health assessment of limit value transgressions and/or health guidance values (GV)
  • A report of the short-, middle- and long time need of renovation- and investment for the quality assurance of drinking water in Bulgaria.

List of work-packages

List of deliverables